Functional recycled polyester fiber, health + environmental protection, even more powerful

Editor:桐乡市华通化纤有限公司 │ Release Time:2022-03-25 

The earth's oil resources are not renewable, so saving oil resources is the responsibility of every person on earth. Regenerated polyester fiber is also called recycled polyester fiber. It is prepared by recycling polyester items such as discarded polyester bottle flakes and polyester clothing, so it can effectively save petroleum resources.

At present, there are two main ways of polyester recycling:

First, it is prepared by directly spinning polyester recycled materials such as polyester bottle flakes and blocks after pulverization. The recycled polyester fibers prepared by this method can generally only be spun into thicker monofilament fibers. The hand feel is hard, and the white fiber has color difference, so it can only be used in relatively low-grade textiles, or in products with no requirements such as hand feel and color difference. At present, most domestic bottle flake spinning manufacturers adopt this method.

The second is by sorting, washing and cracking polyester clothing or other wastes to prepare polyester monomers, then repolymerizing them into polyesters, and then spinning them. The regenerated polyester fiber prepared by this method has no essential difference from the virgin polyester fiber, and the product quality is high. The most common ones are polyester staple fiber and polyester hollow fiber.